Sunday, August 2, 2020

breaching back into blogging

After a 4-5 year blogging hiatus, I'm back - but with a brand new blog. No, you can't stalk the old or posts, but I may be reviving some from time to time. Why the gigantic humpback whale? I'll explain another time, but his name is Herb Ertlinger and I shot that photo.

My last post on was in 2016, and it was titled "Instagram Stories Pros & Cons," pretty funny, huh? No need to revive that post - use Instagram Stories. In 2015, my last post on Diamonds, Dog Tags & Diapers was a paid influencer post talking about a case of wine . . . that I hated but pretended to love so that I would get paid. More on that later, but that's a big reason I abandoned blogging and "influencing."

I'm back because I have always had a passion for writing, and saying what's on my mind, and I like to have places other than Twitter to do so. So, this is for me, but I hope to inform and entertain you along the way. There won't' be calendars and posting schedules this time (I do enough of that for my clients), but I will do my best to write on a consistent basis. 

I have a very talented WordPress designer friend that will be building me a gorgeous blog, once I figure out exactly what I want to turn this space into, but first, I'm using my old basic layout and platform to make sure my return to blogging is everything I (and you) want it to be. Yes, I am still working through fonts, colors and all of that fun stuff no one else probably cares about, but if I keep waiting until everything is perfect, I will never publish a post -- so here we are.

Different last name, new pets, and some bonus kids.  Please, ask me anything (submit questions or suggestions here, anonymously). I will be sharing a life update and what I've been up to since 2015ish, soon! 

You can always find me tweeting what I'm thinking @ChelseaRhane, and posting what I'm up to on Instagram @ChelseaRhane.

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