Ear Candling: Review & How To

July 10, 2016

Years ago, I heard about ear candling. I was much more main-stream and a big box store shopper then. Over the years, I've gotten into eating a lot more clean, using natural household, body and makeup products. I thought about ear candling back then, and honestly can't remember why I didn't, other than I probably thought it was weird as hell.

I frequently shop at Sprouts Farmers Market and stumbled upon them on an end cap last week, and said "oh, why not?" I've ear candled twice, and I really enjoy it. You cannot feel it working, but you see the results at the end.

Ear candling is known to remove ear wax, bacteria and debris from the ear canal and can be used at any age. My 5 year old son did it, too!

Now, it might not be too believable and there are many people who say it works, and many who say it's just residue from the candle. I did the ear candling on myself, my son, and an empty jar. This way, we'll be able to see if we get the same results when using an empty jar, to gauge if it's just residue.

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 What You'll Need
• Ear Candles (1 per ear) available at most natural stores - I bought mine at Sprouts
• Bowl of water
• Paper plate or aluminum foil (I used both, and I don't have a preference, it's a just in case measure)

Grab a Friend or a Mirror. Note about having someone to help you

Size the Tapered End to Your Ear. Use scissors to trim the end, and make the opening larger so it fills your ear canal & the debris can travel into the candle.

Create a Barrier. Stick the ear candle through a paper plate or create a small foil dish around the candle, incase some of the debris from the candle falls during the process.

Prepare. Have a bowl of water next to you, you'll want to trim the candle half way through the process, and the water will put out the flame (details, below).

Massage. Rub the area behind your ear, behind your jawbone and your temples, for at least 30 seconds to increase circulation.

Position the Tapered End of the Candle in Your Ear.  Keep the candle in an upright position to prevent ashes from falling -- a 30 degree angle is best.

Light the large end of the candle. Have your friend do this for you. If you're alone, do it in front of a mirror. I recommend a long kitchen lighter versus the typical hand lighter, if you're doing it yourself.

Burn the Candle for 15 minutes. Rather than setting a timer, look at the line stopping point the packaging suggests, it's typically 3/4 of the way burned -- leaving room before it reaches the barrier.

Trim the Candle. As the candle burns, trim it into the bowl of water, every 2 inches. The water will put out the flame, you do not want to blow on it, as the ashes will spread.

Extinguish the Candle. When you've reached the marked stopping point, remove the candle and put the end that's lit, into the bowl of water.

Look at the Results. Not a mandatory step, but I like to cut the ear candle open, or unwrap it and see what's been removed from my ears. You'll see a mixture of ear wax, bacteria and debris. Gross, right? But you'll know your ears are that much cleaner. The white stuff is definitely residue from the candle, as the picture on the far right is from the candle that was in the empty jar -- no wax, just residue.

Clean the Ear. Gently clean your ear with a cotton swab, being careful not to push any debris still in the ear, down the canal. I've been using cotton swabs on my ears every day since I candled, and they've come out clean every time. For me, I'm a believer, though the science behind it makes no sense to me.

Repeat. Repeat these steps on the other ear. It's up to you how often you repeat this. From what I've read it says the average person needs 4-8 sessions to clean out their ears. Friends have also recommended this to help sinus infections.

I plan on ear candling once a week or every 2 weeks. I really enjoy doing things, even if they're weird, if they yield visible results.

Have you done ear candling? Are you addicted? Have you done it to help ail a sickness? Let me know in the comments!

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