How to Make the Most of your Sephora.com Order

June 28, 2016

It's no secret that I shop at Sephora often. I went through a buy all the lipsticks phase, when I was traveling for work, at conferences, in front of clients, and leaving the house a lot. Now, I don't travel often and can usually be found working out of my home office, wearing Lululemon everything.

Sure, I could go to the Sephora store, and I do if I want to check out shades or scents in person, or update my Color IQ, but ordering online is a lot more beneficial, if you can wait 2 days for your order.

By ordering online, you'll get a free gift, 3 free samples, and cash back. Here are the details:

3 free samples with every order 
At checkout, you'll be prompted to pick 3 free samples with your order. I go for the foundations, lip, perfume and facial samples; usually opting out of shampoo and conditioner since a sample size isn't enough for my hair.

Weekly & Mobile Offers 
Before your submit your order, check out the weekly offers both on your computer, and on the mobile app -- they're different, and sometimes the mobile offers are a lot better than what's offered on the web. With my last 2 orders, I received generously sized foundation and Benefit's new Kabrow!

Signing up to be a VIB: Very Important Beauty is free. Depending on how much you spend, determines your level of VIB. I've been VIB Rouge for a few years and it's absolutely worth it. Below is a chart of the things you receive at each level. What I love most is being able to get my makeup done, for free, whenever I want -- just schedule an appointment.

If you're not VIB rouge, a makeup session will cost about $50-$75, in which you pay for in product; any products you want. So win win.

For $125 spend in product, you can get a 90 min makeover that starts with skincare, ends with a full face of makeup, with a tutorial along the way, and they'll even touch on haircare and styling, if you wish. I loved learning how to do my eyeliner to better fit my hooded eyelids.

Every dollar you spend earns you points -- there are 100-500 point gifts you can redeem, here are a few of the available ones, below:

At the VIB Rouge level, you'll also receive 20% off coupons a few times a year, and sometimes $25-$50 gift cards.

Another benefit of VIB Rouge is access to exclusive products. I am still in love with the VIB Rouge-only red lipsticks from the past couple of years.

All VIB levels receive a free gift during the month of their birthday, this year, choose from:

Free 2 day shipping
VIB Rouge members enjoy free 2 day shipping. Frequent Sephora.com shoppers can opt-in to 2 day shipping for a one time fee of $10 a year. It's worth it.

I make the most of free 2 day shipping by breaking up my orders into $25 increments. Shipping is free, and for the free gifts, you typically have to spend a minimum of $25, so when I place an online order, I end up placing 2-3 every time -- that's more samples, and more free gifts for you.

By using Ebates while shopping online, I've made over $200 in cash  back in just a few months -- redeemable in gift cards or a credit to your PayPal account. Sephora typically gives 4-8% cash back, and I've seen it as high as 10%. It adds up. Some stores offer up to 40% cash back, and I've even made $50-$100 when ordering from AT&T online. Sign up, for free, here.

Every time you order on Sephora.com: 

  • Activate Ebates to get cash back 
  • Select 3 free samples 
  • Break up your orders into $25 increments and choose one of the weekly or mobile offers 
  • Save or use your points to get even more products

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