Marketers, Be Your Authentic Self

July 12, 2015

We all tend to be early-adopters of social media, new networks and the latest gadgets, but just because someone else's presence has taken off on one of those, does not mean you should try to compete with or replicate their efforts. 

Does jumping into live streaming fit your personal brand? Do you have something to offer? Sure, I could sit and live-stream about community management, brand advocacy, word of mouth and marketing all day long, but you all already know I have a fantastic history with that. If you request I do it, sure, I will. 

My live-streaming audience prefers my random ramblings, live streaming from concerts and what I'm up to. 

What does your audience want to see? 

Just because you are capable of doing certain things, doesn't mean you should, or that it benefits you. 

We've all been there: seeking recognition and attention from the digital community to be the next best early adopter, or an 'expert.'

Let's all find our unique and authentic purpose, and stop doing things just to do them and to gain recognition -- people notice you doing it. 

Sadly, it's a turnoff when I see another marketer riding the coat tails of another. Are you genuinely friends, or are you using each other to 'make it' in the digital world?

You know me, writing, tweeting and scoping what you're thinking.

For years, I've been writing about word of mouth, influencer marketing, word of mouth marketing, brand advocacy and community management -- are you sick of hearing about it yet? I could talk about all of it until I'm blue in the face. 

Now? I'm focused on my clients, branding and community management. I don't share much knowledge, because it seems we all have a good grip on what we are doing. Most of the articles I read, and speakers I hear at conferences, I unfortunately do not learn anything from. 

Let's start being ourselves, focusing on what we are amazing at, pick our niche, and if we are speaking, let's stop talking about the great things we've done, and the basics, let's share our successes and HOW to start an influencer program, HOW to work with brand advocates, HOW to be effective with word of mouth marketing. 

Help each other, stop writing and broadcasting for your personal benefit, or to gain attention and recognition. We're all in this together and can thrive off of each other. 

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