The Bouqs: Fresh, and Lasting Flowers, Delivered

April 12, 2014

Flowers are an easy way to brighten a room and a mood, and don't always have to be a gift. I enjoy having fresh flowers in my living room, dining room and office.

TheBouqs: The White Dragon upon arrival

Until recently, I purchased flowers at the grocery store, you know, whatever they have available you'll take because you want flowers. I'm going to take you through the process of ordering and receiving flowers the typical way, and the new way. While this is a review post, I think the process of ordering from TheBouqs was the best part to highlight, aside from the gorgeous and long-lasting blooms!

The typical order flowers online process:
·      Pick a company that comes to mind, though they’re all the same
·      Select a floral arrangement you think the recipient would like, but really you’re picking based on price and knowing it won’t show up looking like that
·      Get asked 100 different things: balloons? Chocolate? Fruit? Card? Bear?
·      Recipient’s zip code
·      Pick a location
·      Recipient’s information
·      Are you sure?
·      Your information
·      Balloons? Chocolate? Fruit? Card? Random gift that has nothing to do with anything?
·      Credit card information
·      Review order
·      Submit the order + cross your fingers

Enter The Bouqs: Fresher, brighter, affordable and easy to order flowers from an active volcano in South America. Seriously.  

Each bouq is $40 and includes free shipping. That's it, unless you want to double or triple the amount of blooms.

The Bouqs ordering process:
      · Select a bouq
· Enter the recipient’s information + select a delivery date
· Checkout

Flowers are cut when they’re ordered, and not a day sooner. Bouqs are sent straight from farms in South America, 10,000 feet about sea level, on an active volcano.

But wait, there’s more:
·      Blooms on the reg: signup for auto delivery by selecting a style, delivery schedule. You’ll save 10-25% by subscribing.
·      Never forget: schedule bouqs to be delivered to a special someone on certain days (see below)
·      Random blooms: select a recipient and frequency of delivery and they’ll be thrilled with random, surprise deliveries.

calling all office managers, BFFs, guys, husbands, boyfriends, bosses, moms, dads, and kids

Vase not included. My prior bouq lasted 2 weeks, the only reason I threw it away was to replace it with my new, white blooms. Although my first order was supposed to be red, white + blue roses, and I received rainbow roses, it was still a positive experience, and they still looked fresh after two weeks.

What are you waiting for? Order yourself a bouq to liven up your life, office, home or all of the above! 

If you happen to click my personal link to The Bouqs, I'll be able to keep beautiful, fresh volcanic flowers in my house, too! Use code BouqLove for 10% off.

I received a $40 volcanic bouq of my choice in exchange for my honest opinion. There are affiliate links within this post, which means if you click and order, I'll be able to have more fresh blooms in my house. 

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