pink or red? too too hot!

January 28, 2014

During one of my frequent trips to Ulta, Essie Too Too Hot caught my eye. It was the day after it snowed 4 inches in Virginia Beach, which never happens. When the color caught my eye, I thought it might be too pink for winter, but it wasn't fuchsia, so whatever, I'll get it. 

In the store, Too Too Hot looked pink. Once I painted my nails, it looked red. I caught myself staring at my nails repeatedly all day long -- I paint my nails almost every day and I never look at them that often. 
L: Exotic Liras C: Too Too Hot R: Head Mistress

Am I really writing an entire post about a nail polish color right now?

I tweeted that I wasn't too sure what I loved about it, but I love Too Too Hot. I described it as not pink, but not red. Then I said, let's just call it tomato (wait, isn't that red?). Essie's website cleared it up: "sizzling rich red coral."

Too Too Hot is obviously my favorite new color. It looks different next to different shades of pink and red, but on the nails it's a vibrant red that's perfect for any occasion. 

Several of my friends have purchased this since I tweeted about it, I highly recommend it! Have you ever been so obsessed with a nail polish color that you can't shut up about it? I want to know which brand and color!  

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