New Blog, Same Chelsea

January 25, 2014

Welcome to ChelseaRhane.com. Rhane, is pronounced like "rain," and it's my middle name. You probably know me from Twitter (@ChelseaRhane) or my other blog, Diamonds, Dog Tags & Diapers.com.

Shortly after launching Diamonds, Dog Tags & Diapers.com, the military wife // mom blog scene exploded and was soon saturated, dramatic and misleading. A few years ago, I started distancing myself from the military spouse community and the blog turned, primarily, into sharing product reviews with you. I enjoy reviewing new products, but I didn't have time to add other content in the mix, and I don't like promotion-focused blogs.

In all honesty, I've been very busy with my career as the digital marketing strategist at Zuberance, traveling and spending time with my family.

I'm launching this new lifestyle blog as a fresh extension of the old blog. You'll still find the same opinions, shopping addiction and fun features, but the content will be more geared towards you, and less family/mom-focused. The design is a work in progress, but simple is always best!

Instead of filling my blog calendar with something every single day, no matter what, like most bloggers do (and I did for Diamonds, Dog Tags & Diapers), I will strive to only share content that is relevant and beneficial to you.

If you're looking for blog or small business marketing consultations, or have a great product you think my readers would be interested in learning more about, please email me and I will provide rates and details.

I'm looking forward to what's next and having a fresh new blog. The menu bar will be updated with more pages as I build content. 

Please connect with me on FacebookLinkedInTwitter I love meeting new people!


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